antidote : an agent that relieves, prevents, or counteracts unwanted effects.

Massage therapy is an antidote to a variety of emotional and physical ailments, among them stress, anxiety, depression and pain. By increasing flexibility, improving circulation, reducing soreness, aiding sleep and decreasing strain, massage can greatly improve your mood, lifestyle and overall wellness.

Every massage is unique and fully customized to your individual needs with the goal of removing tensions and restrictions to help the body return to structural and functional alignment.

Whether you require relaxation or therapeutic application, injury rehabilitation or workout recovery, your experience is dictated by your particular structure, conditions, preferences and level of comfort.

Appointments are taken out of Old School Iron Gym, 5139 W. 140th Street, Brookpark, OH. Please be in touch to find your antidote.

Your Therapist


Danelle Warner is the owner of Antidote Massage Therapy in Lakewood, OH. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist who earned both her certification and advanced certificate in massage therapy from Cuyahoga County Community College in 2017. As an athlete seeking relief from the discomfort of injuries and chronic pain, it was the curative forces of massage that inspired her to become a therapist herself. Versed in a variety of massage techniques, her passion lies in a pain-free multidisciplinary, multimodality approach which focuses on prevention and rehabilitation by addressing underlying causes before symptoms. She believes that when our minds and bodies are operating smoothly and in sequence, we function at our best. The body is incredibly capable of self-healing -- it simply requires the proper expertise and patience to facilitate the balance that can prevent or eliminate multifaceted pain conditions.


Migraine Therapy

This multi-faceted approach to migraine relief incorporates aromatherapy, pressure point massage and cold stone therapy. Though not always possible, it is ideal to treat migraines as soon as evidence arises. If you are aware of your triggers, you may anticipate when a session is necessary.

Relaxation Massage

Based on Swedish massage, this soothing treatment utilizes gentle pressure to guide muscle tissue and promote complete relaxation of both mind and body.

Therapeutic Massage

This careful combination of therapeutic assessment, manipulation and massage -- including joint capsule release, myofascial release, positional release, trigger point release and neuromuscular therapy, alongside traditional Swedish techniques -- engages deep layers of muscle and fascia to loosen restrictions, align scar tissue and increase mobility with a pain-free, clinical approach.

Chair Massage

Specifically suited to relieve stress in high-tension areas and supply a renewed sense of energy and well-being, chair massage is ideal for those short on time. It also easily integrates into the workplace. Special events are another opportunity to utilize chair massage, to provide attendees a relaxing, yet rejuvenating, experience.

Prenatal Massage

Customized to meet the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, prenatal massage eases discomfort, reduces stress on weight bearing joints, encourages circulation and promotes overall emotional and physical wellness for mothers-to-be.